The benefits of taijiquan

In Spiral Taiji classes, students work on meditation, movement and relaxation to stabilise, strengthen and make more pliable their minds and bodies.

Practising taijiquan carefully and consistently will help you reduce stress, improve your posture and balance, and strengthen your body. The art works through learning how to use your mind to lead and guide, and draw and expel, energy throughout and into and out of your body. The first step is developing an acute awareness of your posture and body movement.

Learning and practising taijiquan (tai chi) has several benefits:

  • Low impact increases in lower-body and upper-body strength
  • Gains in balance and avoiding falls through greater body awareness
  • An accessible approach to meditation in movement
  • Improves flexibility and agility

For more on the multiple benefits of taijiquan, see the NHS on taijiquan and Harvard Medical School on taijiquan.